About Us

About Us
The Home Office Australia

The Home Office is an Australian Family owned business which is dedicated to helping other businesses and their staff create an optimal home working space as an alternative to the traditional office.

Our Senior Management team began in the office furniture industry in 1987 and our goal is to use this wealth of experience and expertise to assist individuals to fitout and furnish their new age workspace (at home).

The Home Office delivers well-made furniture packages that have evolved over time, which are designed to take the stress out of designing your home to suit your work needs.

Experts in aesthetically optimising your office or home working space

With over three decades of experience in the office furniture sector across Australia, my team and I were ideally placed to launch The Home Office, to cater for the ever growing home office needs.

We plan to use our trade and supplier relationships (built on over the years with loyal and trusted providers) to deliver a fine-tuned solution for your home office. Blending Interior Design, WHS Reviews, Fitout trades, Furniture supplies and any other associated subtrades, we offer a one stop shop to our customers.

If you need a company that can quickly and easily deliver office solutions for you or your employees at home, please feel free to get in touch today.

The Home Office Australia

Glenn Paul
Director The Home Office

Your home office, solved. | The Home Office Australia

Why Work With Us ?

The Home Office has built up a large network of office furniture suppliers, through its sister company Gapcomm Interiors Pty Ltd which we have tailored to suit the “Home” working space.

With over 33 years of experience in the office furniture industry, our senior management have an intimate knowledge of trends that come and go, and we have a passion for working with clients’ to solve their individual (and unique) problems.

We have a large network of suppliers and services and we are confident of being able to solve all home office related challenges.

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