5 Tips to Increase Working From Home Productivity

5 Tips to Increase Working From Home Productivity
Working From Home Productivity Tips

For years, many of us have fantasised about working from the comfort and convenience of our own home – and then, 2020 happened.

Suddenly, we had to stay home and businesses across the world had to mandate a large proportion of their employees to work remotely. While in Australia, a lot of the forced lockdown phase is now behind us, this has created a huge culture shift towards what many of us have always wanted: working from home.
However, working remotely isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Yes, you get to stay at home with no co-workers watching you, you get to wear what you want and sit however you want to sit. But you’re still required to get the job done with commitment and quality!

Since working remotely will most likely be here to stay, how do you maintain and increase your productivity when working from home?

1. Schedule your tasks ahead of time

Being at home can create a bit of a different mentality when it comes to tasks.

So, instead of guessing your way through every hour, you can gain more structure and clarity by planning the following day, the night before. This proactive to-do list allows you to track how you spend your time and shows you how efficient you are at getting through everything.

When you make your list, try prioritising your tasks based on their level of difficulty. You can also follow the Eisenhower Matrix to help you organise your to-do list. Once you’ve completed a task, mark it finished; there is nothing more rewarding than ticking this off! By doing this, you’ll get on a roll and you’ll probably find that you look forward to accomplishing other tasks.

Work From Home Productivity | Desk Accessories

2. Eliminate distractions

There are so many distractions at home that may be competing for your attention throughout your workday – easy access to the TV, inviting social media posts, children, pets, chores, snacks and the list goes on.
Eliminating them is easier said than done, right? But believe us when we say there’s a way.

Identify your biggest distractions and then, set your own firm rules. Say, for example, your eyes easily divert to your phone when social media notifications pop up. The best thing you can do before starting work is logging out of your socials and keeping your phone away from you.

Now, you can focus on your tasks without anything pestering you.

3. Take micro-breaks

Home is our sanctuary out of work hours. However, this situation has changed because we’re now working in the same place as where we rest and play. This can mean your work time often gets tangled up with your breaks – which isn’t healthy.

According to the recent market research that we conducted, an average person takes more than 8 hours to complete their daily work. So, besides having your lunch hour, make sure you allot short revival breaks throughout the day to take a breath – walk around, go outside for some fresh air or listen to some music.

Choose activities that don’t stress or drain you in your breaks at definitive intervals. Consider this routine a regular reset!

4. Set a definitive finish time

In an office setting, when the clock hits our finish time, we tend to wind up, pack our bags and go home.
Unfortunately, as everyone starts to work more from home, this has translated into working longer hours and frequent overtime because there’s an increased assumption that employees can simply respond, no matter the time.

That causes burnout. To avoid this, create boundaries and set parameters so you can manage everyone’s expectations. Work when you have to work, and rest when you have to rest.

Remember, ‘work-life balance’ is still a big thing.

Work From Home Productivity | Desk Accessories5. Dedicate an office space

Based on our survey, 82% of respondents answered yes when asked if they already have a home office set up. Having your own distinct workspace is a big factor in activating ‘home working mode’.

Your home office doesn’t have to be grand – even a section of your living room can function as an office. Just as long as you learn how to mentally zone your home into areas that are reserved as your professional environment, you can make working from home work for you.

To complete the setup of your home office, it’s worth investing in high-quality home office furniture. We asked our respondents to rank the top priorities when looking for home office furniture Sydney and ergonomics ranked first.
If you’re working around 40 hours a week at home, it’s important to search for chairs, tables and home office furniture that will make you more comfortable and productive.

Need help in setting up your own productive home office?

In a survey funded by Slack of 4,700 skilled knowledge workers, 72% preferred a mix of remote and office work while only 12% of preferred being in the office full time.

This is the ‘new normal’ – your home now doubles as your workspace.

So, let us assist you in setting up your home workspace effectively.

No matter what your preferences are, we will help you decorate, find the perfect furniture, and set up your work from home space that will boost your productivity.

The Home Office can help you enjoy working within the comfort and safety of your own home.

Visit our shop today or contact us on 1300 166 731 to know more.


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