8 Tips to Styling Your Home Office

8 Tips to Styling Your Home Office
Styling Your Home Office

The business landscape made a giant leap during 2020.

Our workforce has shifted to a new way of life that involves a more remote work setup than ever before. Due to the global pandemic, our daily office meetings became Zoom conferences, lunch get-togethers transformed into virtual chats over homemade coffees and our personal spaces suddenly became offices.

While this all started as a necessity, many businesses actually observed that working from home saves everyone a lot of valuable time, costs and resources. So, it’s safe to say that this new way of working is the “new norm” going forward.

So, what does a home office mean for employees?

Well, it’s important to create a desirable workplace that’s conducive to being productive and efficient. Here’s some tips on styling your home office to do just that.

Styling Your Home Office

Why do you need to style your home office?

Your home office is going to be a place where you spend a lot of your time. So, you should make it a space that you find appealing, feel productive and want to get work done in.

Decorating and styling your own home office will make you proud of working there. It can also make your space tidier and more organised. No one likes clutter, so this can help eliminate distractions.

Unfortunately, a lot of employees are still struggling with setting up the perfect workspace. It can be a bit of a challenge integrating effective office setups inside a home, especially when it comes to comfort, function, and aesthetics. After all, not everyone is a professional office designer.

To help, here are some tips and tricks that make it easy to create a great home office.


8 tips to help you decorate your home office

At The Home Office, we conducted market research to understand the needs of our customers. 

Our research found that over 82% of our respondents already had a home office set up. 45% of them spend at least 5-8 hours at their home office desk and another 25% spend more than 8 hours at their home office desk.

This is a lot of time every day. 

Styling Your Home Office | Accessories | PlantsSo, it’s important to make your home office a space you can enjoy that is both easy on the eye and refreshing for your mind. Here are some tips we’ve compiled to guide you:

Spot the perfect location.

Ensure that your workspace is accessible, convenient and comfortable in all aspects. Start by selecting the perfect room or area that is free from unnecessary noise and other distractions. 

It’s also important that your home office has sufficient space for your computer, tools and documents. If possible, find a room where there is a pleasant view to make you feel relaxed throughout the day.

Make sure your workspace complements your home.

Do not isolate your home office – it should be one with your house or apartment. Style it with the same theme you’ve used in other areas, so that your workspace won’t look awkward or feel unwelcoming within your home.

You can also mix and match, putting your favourite decorations, paintings, and plants in your workspace. 

Paint your walls with your preferred colours.

Choosing the right colours can make a difference – it helps spark inspiration and enables your creative juices to flow. On top of that, colours can help relieve stress and enhance the overall appearance of your home workroom. 

Don’t sit in the dark. Get plenty of light!

Without appropriate light, you are more prone to eye strain and headaches as well as feelings of isolation. Instead, invest in proper lighting for your workspace, like quality desk lamps, for example. You can also position your table or computer in a way that you’ll get sufficient natural light from your window or balcony.

Organise things – both horizontally and vertically.

Optimise and maximise your space by utilising pedestal units, organisers, drawers and filing cabinets. Try using floating shelves and vertical file folders to tidy your desk. Wooden or metal cube storage units and baskets are also helpful in stacking folders, notes and paperwork. Just make sure they all go well with each other, so your workspace doesn’t look like a pile of random cabinets and bins.

Tidy your cables and wires.

Tangled wires and unsightly cords are more than just a stressful mess in your workplace – they can also be quite dangerous at times. To prevent them from being a hassle, make sure your computers, tech and other equipment are close to outlets. You can also use tools like cord covers, cord winders, cable ties, wire organiser and command hooks to eliminate all tech clutter.

Styling Your Home Office | Accessories | CandlesDecorate using walls and desk accessories.

What makes a home office great is that you can personalise it to suit your own style and preferences. You have the freedom to put homely accessories like picture frames, display your collection of art, install wallpaper or place some personalised stationery on your desk. It’s your own workspace, so feel free to make a statement.

Invest in the right kind of office furniture, especially office chairs.

In the survey we conducted, the biggest concern our respondents had for working from home was around not having a good enough set-up for their office environment.

Considering the amount of time, you spend working, it makes sense to invest in quality office furniture that’s beautiful in form while also being comfortable and ergonomic. Having functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture, like a stylish ergonomic office chair, for example, makes your home office much more work friendly. 

At The Home Office, we stock a wide range of home office furniture to complete your work area. Our team has everything you need, right at your fingertips.


Do you want to make your home office great?

A recent McKinsey survey of 800 corporate executives around the world reported that 38% of their participants now expect their employees to work remotely at least twice a week, in comparison to 22% of respondents who were surveyed before COVID-19.

This really goes to show that the home office is here to stay.

With the hard work you put into your job every day, you deserve more than just an ordinary chair and table in your own home office. You deserve a home office that doubles as your happy place.

Let us help set up and styling your home office for success

By providing the ideal home office fitout & furniture and decorating your home workspace, our team can create the ideal office atmosphere in your home.

The Home Office makes remote working more enjoyable and comfortable for you to reach your full potential and enjoy every moment.

Visit our shop today or contact us on 1300 166 731 to know more.

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