4 Ways Create Your Home Office in Small Spaces

4 Ways Create Your Home Office in Small Spaces
4 Ways Create Your Home Office in Small Spaces

Home Office in Small-SpacessOur homes have always been our own personal sanctuaries where we relax, rest and play.

However, since the Coronavirus pandemic, our homes have gained one more function: work. They’ve suddenly become an extended office – a place where you need to stay focussed and motivated to get the job done.

The difficulty is that not all homes are perfectly suited to be ideal home offices.

Having your own workplace inside a cramped and busy environment can be challenging, especially when you share it with several family members, children, housemates, and pets.

But with creative planning and bespoke home office furniture, it’s possible. There are a few ways we’ve come up with to help you breathe new life into an old space and build yourself a stylish home office – all without taking up much room! Here’s how.

How to set up your home office in tight spaces

Most houses are not originally designed to cater to work-from-home needs, so it’s not surprising that you may find yourself with limited space available.

The good news is – building your home office comes with a lot of flexibility.

You don’t need a vast rumpus room or a lavish dining room to create a stylish home office. Even with small nooks or hallways and under staircases, you can still set up a home workplace that is conducive to getting your work done remotely. Here are 4 ideas to get you started:

1. Establish your own zone for work

Having your own peaceful workspace is critical to being productive. The Home Office recently conducted market research, and 67.5% of respondents said that they have a designated room for their home office. This also means that many households don’t have a room to spare. So, if you don’t have any spare room, get creative. A small spot in your living room, bedroom, hallway, or garage may suffice – as long as you won’t get easily disturbed by other occupants in the house.

Small Space Furniture2. Reuse your wardrobes and cupboards as working spaces

Give your underused wardrobes and cupboards a new purpose – assemble them together to store work materials, create boundaries and build a tidy workspace where everything looks put-together. Transforming them into a customised home office can help you save space and eliminate clutter. You can also set boundaries by shutting the doors once you’re done working. Talk about work-life balance.

3. Make the most out of your walls

When you don’t have horizontal space, use vertical space instead. Take advantage of your walls and build shelves that you can use as a make-shift desk or shelving. By placing a wraparound height desk that is tailored to your needs, you can also create a sit or stand workstation.

Having a sit stand desk is a great way to maximise your space too. It’s best for making small areas look tidy and spacious. Installing vertical file folders can also help store and organise office materials. As you build vertically, you can ensure there’s no wasted space!

4. Choose small space furniture

The right furniture can make a difference in making your home office feel more spacious and comfortable. For instance, if space is an issue, you can opt for a slimline desk or leggy furniture that doesn’t occupy much space. A console desk is also a good option, so you can use it for storing office materials and displaying other homely touches at the same time.

Don’t just put up with discomfort simply because of a lack of space. At The Home Office, we can provide you with the right office furniture that is perfect for your home so you can work, feel comfortable and be productive.

Want to maximise your tiny home office workspace?

The Home Office makes remote working work for you. By providing ideal home office furniture that suits your workspace, no matter what the size, we can help you build a small, cosy home office that is best for accomplishing tasks and achieving excellent results.

Let us set up your home workspace. Visit our shop today or contact us on 1300 166 731 to know more.

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