How Much Should I Invest in Home Office Furniture?

How Much Should I Invest in Home Office Furniture?
How Much Should I Invest in Home Office Furniture?

How Much Should I Invest in Home Office Furniture?Recent events ushered in a new era of remote work (and work from home) for many employees across Australia and the world.

With the realisation that many of our jobs can be performed away from traditional offices from the comfort and safety of our homes, the home office setup has become somewhat of the new norm.

But this doesn’t just mean opening up a laptop on your dining table and expecting you to be at your best.

To be productive, it’s necessary to create the right workspace or home office at home, and this involves making smart decisions around home office furniture. It plays an integral role in building a functional workplace, not to mention your well-being.

Here’s what to look for and how to invest wisely in home office furniture.

When it comes to home offices, there is an abundance of choice for all kinds of budgets.
But don’t let this overwhelm you. As with any project, it’s essential to know what you’re looking at, both financially and from a utility standpoint.

So, how do you allocate your home office budget?

Answer these 3 questions to guide you:

1. How much space will I use?

Avoid impulsively buying whatever home office furniture you see.

It’s tempting but can end up wasting precious dollars.

First, measure the approximate surface area that you feel will be most conducive to your work style. For example, if you typically work with multiple computer screens, constant tabletop light and more office supplies, you need a bigger desk with drawers. So, spend more on a bigger desk to accommodate this.

It’s also important to take note of the area you’re working with. If you’re converting a whole spare room into your home office, you can be a little more lenient with your selection. However, if you’re workspace is at the corner of your living room or bedroom, you should maximise every square centimetre you have by purchasing something slimline that fits easier into the space.

How Much Should I Invest in Home Office Furniture?2. What type of furniture should I buy?

The number of hours you consume for work tends to determine the type of furniture you’ll need. Take your everyday needs into account and consider your comfort in the decision as well.

In the survey that we conducted, ‘ergonomics’ ranked first in our respondents’ top priorities when looking for home office furniture. That means making sure your home office is conducive to your work.

Just imagine yourself working 40 hours a week or more at home. Would you rather have awful sitting pains that drop your productivity or opt for pieces of home office furniture that support your back and help you work seamlessly?

It’s a smart decision to invest more in furniture that’s going to suit you, make you feel comfortable and is ergonomically correct, rather than going for a cheaper option and regretting it later.

3. What’s your personal style?

The joy of curating your home office is that you can design it to serve your unique needs and align it with your personal style.

It’s worth thinking about what will allow you to feel most at ease. You can also list down the colours that uplift your mood and productivity, or maybe search for patterns that suit your tastes. For instance, are you going for a minimalist look? In that case, you can spend only on the bare essentials.

However, if you’re making it contemporary or a big outrageous, allocate your dollars to making it more personalised.

What did your answers look like?

How you answered the above three questions will give you a clearer idea of the kind of home office furniture you need, and what kind of costs you’re looking at.

The wonderful thing about a home office is that you get to pick your furniture and tailor it according to your needs – whether you spend the day typing, attending multiple meetings or arranging spreadsheets.

So, if you’re up to designing a new home office or you’ve decided to improve the current one, the best place to start is by talking to a team of experts that you can trust.

How Much Should I Invest in Home Office Furniture?How much does it cost to make an ideal home office?

Now that you have an idea of what you need and want for your home office, The Home Office can help you make the right choice in completing your space with ergonomic, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing furniture.

The Home Office has work-from-home packages that are carefully selected to suit your home office needs. Having a complete set-up that can aid you in your new work environment can cost as little as $700 – all our home office packages include an ergonomic chair, a desk with optional pedestal units for storage and accessories such as lights, vases and plants.

Check out the complete list of home office packages here.

Let us assist you in setting up your home office

No matter what your preferences or budgets are, we’ll help you decorate, find the perfect home office furniture and set up your work-from-home space that will boost your productivity and make you feel great.
The Home Office team are here to guide you.

Visit our shop today or contact us on 1300 166 731 to know more.

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