How to Declutter Your Work from Home Space for Better Productivity

How to Declutter Your Work from Home Space for Better Productivity

Working from home has risen in popularity over recent years since technological advancements have allowed for the ease of digital connectivity, and the shift towards a more flexible work-life balance.

This is especially the case due to the onset of the pandemic two years ago, with an exponential number of businesses and workers having to quickly adapt and set up WFH (work from home) arrangements.

For some, the WFH setup is becoming the norm. However, while flexibility is a great benefit, many find that they struggle with productivity and staying focused in their home workspace environment.

Lose the Wires

Most people find that when their workspace is cluttered or untidy, they are unable to work productively. One of the biggest problems with clutter is the array of wires that are often tangled and get in the way. Get started with wire hooks, straps, trays or tidies that can keep your wires in control. Some desks come with wire slots so they can be neatly tucked away. Speaking of wires, you can also cut down on having wires by going Bluetooth or wireless such as using a wireless keyboard, mouse, lamps, or Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Space on Your Desk

Now that you have the wires sorted, look into ways to organise and minimise clutter on your desk. Time to ditch the Ikea furniture and invest in a proper office desk with ample space, which can promote a sense of control and increase enjoyment while working at your desk. Check out space-saving accessories from your local office supply store to sort and arrange your stationery, such as holders, trays, baskets, and even laptop stands that allow you to save extra space by standing your laptop upright.

Going digital is also a good way to remove clutter while saving the environment at the same time. For example, calendars and notes can be managed on software digitally, while syncing to multiple devices conveniently. You use fewer sticky notes and paper while throwing out less rubbish whenever something is updated.

Set Good Habits

Finally, set yourself a few minutes after each workday to tidy up your desk. It is much easier to put away your things each day than trying to sort the mess once every few months. This helps you maintain control of your workspace and you will also start the day with more motivation when you come to work at a clean desk.

Create the Perfect WFH Space with The Home Office

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