Reasons to Invest in a Standing Desk

Reasons to Invest in a Standing Desk

Apart from your bed, one of the places that you spend many hours at is your home office desk. While many of us are accustomed to sitting at the desk throughout the day for work, there are good reasons why a standing desk is a worthy investment in boosting your productivity and overall wellness.

Keeping Fit while Standing

One of the best reasons for having a standing desk is that you naturally burn more calories while standing instead of sitting. Think of the hours that you spend working at the desk and how these hours can accumulate over the workweek. By standing at your desk, you can keep your body moving organically, and also lessen the strain and stress on your joints, muscles and ligaments by keeping active. Most standing desks can be adjusted for height if you prefer to take breaks and alternate sitting – standing for part of the day.

Staying Productive

If you feel unmotivated at your desk before morning tea rolls around, you’re not alone. Traditional desks and chairs, even those ergonomically designed, are not ideal in keeping you comfortable for extended periods. Many workers feel unproductive when having to sit in constant discomfort, causing bad posture and pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Getting up and standing can straighten and stretch your back, helping you get back into the swing of things and maintaining productivity throughout the day.

Improved Wellbeing

Not only do workers feel tired spending hours sitting at their desks, but this weariness and tiredness can also carry on after a long day. Even when work finishes there is usually little relief, so you head over to the TV instead of feeling energised to engage in healthy activities after work. Standing up periodically with an adjustable standing desk can help you feel more awake and boost your energy level, especially in the late afternoon when you head towards the final stretch of the day. Not only will you be more inclined to visit the gym or socialise with friends afterwards, but you can also improve your overall wellness by making the most of your evening doing something enjoyable.

Get Your Standing Desk at The Home Office

The Home Office is proudly Australian family-owned and we are committed to helping businesses and their staff create an optimal home working space. We deliver a range of high quality, well made office furniture which is designed to take the stress out of designing your workspace and to suit your work needs.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect standing desk or looking at refreshing your home office, we can help. Feel free to get in touch to see how we can provide you with a customised home office solution today.

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