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    Stunning Home Office Desks For Australia

    The Home Office prides itself on helping our clients create visually appealing office spaces that make you feel both welcomed and ready to work. Working from home is no longer an exercise in rarity – the exception to the rule – but rather a natural and normal progression for many. So your home office, and especially the home office table you use, should be an extension of your personality and a crucial decision that helps set the tone for your working space.

    The Right Essentials Will Help You Create A Super Productive Space In Your Home Office – A Space You Can Be Proud Of

    Choosing great quality pieces for your home office is an easy investment. Not only are you choosing furniture that offers good ergonomic design, but you are also choosing pieces for your home office that are durable, stylish, and affordable. Our pieces are specifically selected to suit a finer aesthetic while still offering designer-level quality at a fraction of the cost. 

    Home office desks in Sydney and indeed elsewhere in Australia have evolved to such an extent that the range and access to beautiful furniture has expanded tremendously. So why settle for anything less than you deserve? With various options ranging from the classic white home office desk to the GEN A L-Shape Desk in natural tones, there really is a perfect range of choice.

    Our Top Tips

    We love sharing the tried-and-tested information we have gleaned from working with our clients over the years, so here are some of our favourite insights for your perusal:

    • Your home office desk should always be measured to ensure that it is both wide enough for your computer and other items you use regularly such as an office lamp, camera, microphone, or usual stationery; as well as being visually pleasing to the space. 
    • Themed decor and a brightly coloured top surface will help you create an office space that is unique, interesting, and suited to your personality.
    • Research has shown that over 82% of our clients already have an existing home office space and are simply looking to rejuvenate or update their space. 45% of these respondents spend an average minimum of 5 – 8 hours sitting at their home office desks, while a quarter spend more than 8 hours here. That’s a lot of time to spend sitting at a desk that you do not love so make sure yours is the perfect fit for you!
    • Speaking of hours spent at a desk, remember that these hours add up and can take a toll on your body. Take regular breaks and ensure that you use an ergonomically suited desk and chair – or use one of our amazing Sit/Stand Electric Desks. Adopt a flexible working style and shift your body posture often to ensure that you are taking the right steps for your overall health.
    • Last note: Remember that we have a wide range of natural, black or white home office desk options available to you so finding something to suit your personal taste and style is easy!

    To create a super productive space in your home office, you need a few essentials like selecting good quality home office desks and chair and the right drawers.

    Just a tip! Your home office desk must be wide enough for your computer and everything else you need, like stationery and an office lamp, or even a microphone and camera. A GEN-A white home office desk is perfect for this.

    To create home office desks Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane with a distinctive twist, try a coloured surface top with themed décor. This will make your home office as unique as you are.

    Our research found that over 82% of our respondents already had a home office set up. 45% of them spend at least 5-8 hours at their home office desk and another 25% spend more than 8 hours at their home office desk.

    Sitting all day at your home office desk can be rough on your body. So don’t forget to give yourself a break by standing up to shift the weight between your legs and adjust the posture of your body. Fortunately, our range of Sit/Stand Electric Desks are the ideal solution designed for a flexible working style.

    We have natural, black, and white home office desks available to suite your style and home office design.

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